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Meena 107050
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What is Taashtime?

Taashtime is India's most trusted online rummy site! Taash means "playing cards" in Hindi. The site is dedicated to providing the best card games experience and currently you can play online rummy. You get 5000 FunCoins to play free, fun rummy games and 25 TaashCash as a welcome bonus to try out cash games! Taashtime is truly cash time as it allows rummy players to win cash prizes.

The primary purpose of Taashtime is to provide wholesome entertainment to individuals, their family, friends and colleagues. Taashtime is meant for time pass and provides you the ability to earn money - a completely different approach to most free card game sites. Taashtime is not a means to earn large amounts, nor does it enable players to do so.

At Taashtime, we are proud of our stringent policies as it keeps players' safe, secure and ensures high quality entertainment on the site. We have created a great rummy enthusiast community of ardent rummy lovers who play on our site regularly. It is a great opportunity to build rummy skill and play with skilled rummy players from across the country.

Taashtime provides true Indian rummy, a classic rummy experience and provides the most real feel to on line rummy. Taashtime provides the largest variety of rummy: Syndicate games (Pool rummy), Stake games (Points rummy), Best of Three, Best of Five, Summit (a forward ladder pool rummy). Taashtime also has rummy tournaments with both free entry and paid entry!

Enjoy the experience of playing cards, on line rummy, with the best game of rummy in India. Play rummy, have fun - Taashtime is Cash time!

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Taashtime Legal
According to supreme court ruling, now rummy is fully legal in India. So continue Taashtiming, Play more, and Earn more!! :)


  Rs. 25/-

Player Speaks

Taashtime Profile - ROCKERS
Many a many good wishes to the Technical Professionals of TAASHCOM for the improvements you have made to the playing of Rummy so easily.No doubt to say that the arrangement of board and playing are the TOP among other sites.One more small box near right bottom for the Last game may be provided which will be an added beauty to the game and players.Once again "All BEST WISHES"
Taashtime Profile - Pradeep
Sabse pehle me tassh time ki team ko badhi deta hu . mene bahut sari site par rummy khela hai lekin mere ko taas time bahut pasand aaya hai me karib 6 month se doosri sites par rummy khel raha tha par mene jab taas time dekha aur ise mene khela to yah mere ko bahut pasand aaya hai aur mere ko lagta hai ki taash time bahut jald India ki No.1 site hogi please sabhi players ek baar is site par rummy khel kar dekhe ye aapko sbhi rummy sites se jyada pasand aayega. Me aasha karta hu ki taash time par aapko rummy khelna bahut pasand aayega……….. Best Of Luck All New and Old players ……………..
Taashtime Profile - luckystar
i love playing rummy and this is the best site i have ever come across for playing rummy and the cash prizes and increasing day by day. thank you taashtime.com team for this wonderful site and hope the best for you in the coming days.
Taashtime Profile - nrk
First I congratulate the Taash Time Team. In this competitive world(period) they took a bereave decision By introducing a Rummy site for Rummy lovers with new features. All most in all Rummy sites I played but, I never and ever see this type of easy melding. It is very comfort and easy to all the players whether they are new to Rummy.Live help, bug report,room chatting.lobby chatting and displaying our photos are some more new and good features. Definitely they are trying to give a good site. Of course they have to make some more developments. They will and they have to bring this site as a number one site in future. All the best to the players. Once again in Congratulate and ALL THE BEST to the team. GOOD LUCK. nrk

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